Buy Property Marbella - Properties For Sale SpainUrbanization Paraiso marbella 54.000.000€ now 23.000.000€ Ref.B3

We have exclusive from the bank 96 appartments with an average size of 180 m2 brand new build.
All Units are with 3 bedrooms.
Additionally 135 garages and 60 storages.

The division of the blocks is 20 blocks á 4 appartments each and 8 blocks á 2 appartments each.

Half of it are Penthouses.

The original sales price was 54.000.000€

To have an orientation on the actual price from the bank it is currently set for 23.000.000€

Due to pre-conversations that we had with the bank I believe that this prices can also be negotiated.

Currently it would be an average price of 200.000 € (two hundred thousand €uros) of each apartment.

The developer offered them for around 600.000 € (six hundred thousand Euros) each.

If we calculate an unbeatable sales Price of 300.000 € (three hundred thousand Euros) each

which makes an m2 price of 1636€ (one thousand six hundred thirty six Euros) brand new developments

sell easy for 3000 € (three thousand Euros) per m2 you would make in worst case a prophit of 10.000.000 € (ten million Euros).
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.